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Have you ever been watching a movie or tv show and wondered "Who's that actor playing Cop #2"? "Who's that prostitute who snitched"? "Who's that Doctor who let the main character die"? I'm Brian Lafontaine and I'm one of those no-name-not-famous professional actors. There are thousands of us and we're everywhere. We might even live right next door to you, and these are our stories.

Jun 22, 2021

Writers. Some of the most famous and unrecognizable unsung hero’s of show business. Without whom we could not enjoy the incredible art form of film, television and theater. This guy is one of most dedicated, hardest working artists I know. It’s David Cornue! David is the Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of TRIAGE for ABC, as well as Writer/Consulting Producer for an Apple TV+ series with Robert Downey Jr. He’s the writer of several award winning short films as well as the sports comedy, #Lucky Number.